Monday, April 21, 2008

At the Salon

I took a book with me to the salon, that's when I decided to make this blog. Here are the pictures that I took of a book I love in a cozy spot.

This is an I Spy book that I really enjoy. I love I Spy books because they are hard and fun to do. I enjoy them even more when I do them with a friend. Sometimes I use my gigantic magnifying glass because the pictures we are trying to find are tiny.

I hope you enjoy my blog today. Goodbye for now.


Relyn Lawson said...


I really wanted to be the first person to leave you a comment. I am so proud of you and your very creative idea. I love this and I bet a lot of other people will, too. Momma loves you!

Jeffrey said...


I love your idea. I think the I Spy book on the rock is very cool! The way it looks is really pleasing to the eye. I cant wait until The Hobbit shows up here.


Laura said...

I think taking pictures of books you are reading is so cool!!!!! This is a great idea!