Saturday, May 10, 2008

At the Library

When we were at the library, I found some really cool books. My favorite from that day is called Cute. It is about two bunnies who really like each other. It was written by Lida Dijkstra. I liked the pictures best.
I hope you liked my blog today. Goodbye for now.


Relyn Lawson said...

This was another good post. I thought Cute was a really good book, too. But, I loved the art work on Gracie For President best. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sloane: Bapak just wanted to send a quick note saying that he is so proud of you. Only six years old already using the computer so well. Don't expect too many comments via the computer because Bapak is too old and lazy to "get with it" and learn this new way of talking. I would rather just talk to you in person. You know where the snuggle chair is and it is always open to a certain little blue eyed blonde headed crumbsnatcher. See you at snuggle time. Bapak

Anonymous said...

I love you and miss you! I hope you are having a wonderful summer. I will call your mom and dad soon and see when a good time is that we can get together. Have you gotten your American Doll yet? I can't wait to hear about it. Love, Mrs. McFadden

Anonymous said...

Hi Sloane!
Your blog is really cool! You have a cute picture of Gopti. Hope to see you soon.

Your friend,