Tuesday, July 15, 2008

On Daddy's Lap

Sloane on Daddy's lap

We read a really great book called The Hobbit for family read aloud that we have every night. We always read really great books for family read aloud. That's my favorite part. I also like that we read at night right before bed. So when I go to sleep I can dream about the book. Sometimes I sleep with a book under my pillow so it can whisper stories in my ear and I can dream about it.

Daddy in our living room, about to open The Hobbit

Q. Who was your favorite character?

A. Bilbo, because he was the main character and he was the funniest character. I thought it was funny the way he always wished he was home in his little house with the round door, eating eggs. My second favorite character was Gandalf because he always arrived just in time to save the day.

Q. What was the most exciting part of the book?

A. When Bard killed the dragon. It was very exciting. I was glad he killed Smaug because he had done a lot of bad things that you will find out if you read the book, which I hope you do.

Q. Was there any part you didn't like?

A. Yes. I really didn't like it when Thorin died. Well, I kind of did like that part, but it made me sad.

Q. If you had a share of the dragon's hoard, what would you do with it?

A. I would give it to other people, but I would keep some of it for me. I would give it to my family and to people who need help. I would give it to my family even though they don't exactly need it, but it would be nice to have it.

Q. Would you enjoy reading more books like this one?

A. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Super-duper yeah! We're actually reading one right now called Peter Pan, who I call Peter Poppycock.

a picture of a dragon on dragon gold

This picture is near the end of the book. It's a great picture of Smaug the furious dragon sitting on his hoard. You can see the archenstone, Thorin the son of Thrane's diamond.

Why don't you read the book and tell me what your favorite part is?


Anonymous said...

Good for you! Happy reading!
I've got another book for you after you finish Peter Pan!

There's a new Peter Pan novel out!
This one is different from ALL the other prequels and sequels because they contradict Barrie's original stories. The new Pan book stays true to Barrie...it's even based on his idea for more Pan adventure.
Click on my name to see!

Laura said...

Dear Sloane,

It is wonderful that you have family reading time. I bet this is something you will remember and cherish all of your life.

Are you excited that they are making a movie of The Hobbit? I hope they remain faithful to the book.

I liked reading your interview! Keep 'em coming.

About Peter Pan, that was made into a musical stage play and it is one of my most favorite pieces of music.


geheelanders said...

Hi BPal!
Thanx for the comment! I had already deleted the 'Narnia' piece 'cause I thought you couldn't possibly have read it BUT YOU DID! Wow, when I was six I don't think I read as many books as you do now.. Good for you! That's cool, BPal!
I am looking forward to you Island! See you later!

Your Bpal,

Jeffrey said...
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Jeffrey said...


Thanks for posting about one of my favorite books. I love reading with you!

Turning you into a bibliophile is the coolest.


My Castle in Spain said...

Hi sweetie !

Hope you're having a lovely day. you know, I really like the meaning of your name too and especially the fact that it's gaelic and it's from your great great great grandpa. This is something!

I'm off to work now but I wanted to make sure to answer to your sweet comment.

It is very nice what you say about sleeping with your book under your pillow. You know, there's a very famous Argentinian writer called Jorge Luis Borges who believed when he was a kid that at night, words in the closed books would have a kind of feast and mingle together and then in the morning, they would quietly regain their place. Isn't it funny ?

Hugs to you my lovely and please give a hug to your mom from me...

Have a great week end
xxxx Lala

Relyn Lawson said...

Dear Sloane,

When you get a chance, please stop by my blog. I left something there for you that I think you will like. Love, Momma

tangobaby said...

Hi Sloane,

I read The Hobbit a long time ago but I was older than you are now. I was in high school. I read it on summer vacation while we were on a family car trip.

I liked the book so much I did not ever want to get out of the car when we would go sightseeing. I did not want to stop reading that book.

I don't remember all the parts of the book, but I do know that after I read The Hobbit, I read all the rest of the books by Tolkein.

I hope you enjoyed Peter Pan. It's so nice that you have your daddy to read to you like that. Have a super fun weekend.



Wendy said...

Dear Sloane,

I am very impressed that you enjoy reading so much. My son Julius is 5 and seems to still likes me to read only the books that have the pictures in them. There are so many good books without pictures and I'm trying to figure out a good way to keep him interested enough to let me read those books too. Do your (or your mom) have any suggestions?

Relyn Lawson said...
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Sloane Lawson said...

Dear Miss Wendy,

I think you could draw pictures and stick them in there. They should be funny. Then you can show him the pictures after you read them and he will like it. Or, maybe you can have someone else draw them if you aren't great, that way they can be extra, extra, extra good. ~ Sloane

Wendy said...

Sloane, thanks for your suggestion. I can see you are a creative thinker and probably a good problem-solver. I will consider your advice and see how it goes.

I have a book to recommend to you but you probably already know about it. The Phantom Tollbooth. It was the first book I ever checked out from the library and it's very cleverly written.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

You can sit on my lap anytime for a good story.