Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snowy Saturday

I went outside today just to watch my cat while she was playing in the backyard.

I decided I would swing,

and take some pictures

for this post.

Make footprints and snow angels like I did yesterday with my friend, Lauren.

This is the house across the street. It's not really crooked. I just took it like that. On purpose.

Since this blog is mostly about reading, my Mom said I should tell you about a few good snowy day books. Here they are:

What do you read on a snow day?


Laura said...

Yipeee! A new post! How exciting. I love your your book suggestions too. I have The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe; but have never read it! I better do so soon since you recommend it. I was lucky enough to go to the bookstore today and get 2 new books and a magazine! I am hopping up to my bed right now to read all night long! Hope you have a good weekend sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Boolahoo.

I love this post. Footprints in the snow always seem magical to me. What about We Were There With The Pony Express? That is a great book about snowy weather.

I love you.


Relyn Lawson said...

Sloane, I think that you took some wonderful pictures. I am so glad that you are wanting to post again. I will help you do this whenever you want. Your posts are wonderful. I am proud of you, sweetheart.

ELK said...

Sloane I clicked on one of your mom's links and here I am!

The shadows and the crooked house were my favorites.

Patti said...

Hi Sloane! Don;t you just LOVE snow days? I love your pictures and your choices of books. One of my favorites in the Snowman. It doesn't have words so I like to think of my own. Glad you are feeling better and I'm glad you liked your Hoops and Yoyo card Molly and I sent. Stay warm!


Rita said...

Sloane, I am glad that your mom and dad have introduced you to books. If you can read, you can go anyplace in the world! Love, Grammy